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Business Writing Articles: Harness the Power of Email News

Harness the Power of Email News

More than websites, more than direct mail, blogs, and instant messaging, email news is the most cost-effective, most powerful way to build your community—whether customers, clients, or membership. Newsletters have always been an important tool for staying in touch. And today’s electronic newsletters, in email form, are proving central to the marketing strategies of every kind of organization.

Here’s what the research shows:
1.  Email and newsletter marketing is cost-effective
For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2009, marketers could expect an estimated $43.62 return on investment. Engaging your audiences in more relevant communications (such as email) increases net profits by an average of 18 times more than broadcast mailing.  Furthermore, email marketing is the top online marketing method for retention, critical and central both today and through 2013.1

2.  Email is the preferred communications method
Research has shown that as many as 93 percent of survey respondents cite email as their preferred business communications channel.2   Email newsletters let you maintain a relationship with your customers that lasts beyond their visits to your site. 54% of respondents in a consumer survey said they had a more favorable opinion of the companies that send them email. The newsletter is the perfect website companion.3

When users were asked to describe the benefits of email newsletters, three reasons stood out, each being highlighted by more than one-third of users:

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