How I Work With Clients

I have a tested and proven approach to working with my clients that I customize
to meet their individual needs. These steps allow my clients to get the best
results possible:

    • Project Perspective

Together, you and I will identify the project’s context and its importance. We’ll consider
the assignment from the larger perspective of your communications strategy.
What is the purpose of the project? Why is the project important? Is it the
foundation of your internet marketing strategy, or part of your fundraising

    • Project Specifics

I then work with you to determine the specifics of the project. What is the
project content? Who is the audience? What tone is appropriate? What research
may be needed?

    • Production Requirements

Deadlines are the most important factor in successful production of a copywriting
assignment. I work with my clients to make sure that both of us clearly
understand when a project is due. The deadline should allow enough time
for review by appropriate parties, and for printing and distribution.

Photographs, and design work including templates, will also affect production
and should be specified at the start of the project. If internal review is
necessary by other departments, or senior staff, we will build time for this
into the deadline.

    • Pricing

It is usually possible to quote a price during the initial meeting, based
on information provided. More complex projects sometimes require a little
more time for an estimate.

    • First Draft and Revisions

I then produce a complete first draft designed to meet your requirements.
This draft will meet internal deadlines, contain all necessary research,
including interviews, and be in requested format. Working with your comments
and revisions, I will produce one or more rewrites as specified, until
final copy is complete and you sign off

I look forward to working with you.