Newsletters are your vital link to customers and members

Whether written with pen, pencil, or printer, your newsletter builds a relationship with your readers.  It keeps your clients and members informed and engaged.

The more connected people are to your organization, the more loyal they are likely to be. Also, the more likely they are to purchase goods, or donate money, or contribute time and effort. Newsletters from WordDrive help make this happen.

Print vs. E-mail Newsletters
Hard copy newsletters definitely have a place, despite the huge growth in e-mail marketing. Many people still prefer printed matter they can hold in their hands. Even though a print newsletter can be expensive, it still may be the best way to reach your readership. WordDrive can help you decide.

The power of e-mail newsletters can’t be overestimated! Unlike hard copy newsletters, here’s what e-mail can do for you:

Get right to people’s inboxes where they can easily view your newsletter.
Track how people are responding and what messages work best.
Link people to your website, where they can learn more about you and take the    actions you want to encourage, whether it’s buying, or donating, or volunteering.
Cost only a fraction of hard copy newsletters.

 How Can WordDrive Help You?

Provide a complete newsletter from concept and articles to design and production.
Provide individual articles and profiles for your existing newsletter.
Launch and manage your newsletter in e-mail form.
Help you get started so you can managed [oops delete the d] your newsletter on your own.

 Why Choose WordDrive? Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

A swift understanding of your purpose and your message
Your message translated into persuasive and clear language that sounds like you
Production planning and management so your newsletters are delivered on time
Links to experienced designers and printers when needed

“WordDrive has been wonderful to work with, and so supportive of our business. Not only were your writing and interviewing skills invaluable in starting our newsletter, but you helped us plan an editorial strategy, come up with stories, and get the first issues organized. So many readers have complimented us on the content and quality of the newsletter. It’s clear the newsletter helps keep our name out there in today’s economy, and it’s helping to build our business, including our database.”

—Jeannette Sheehan, MSRN, President and CEO
ABC Home Health Professionals, Wakefield, MA

For more information about magazine articles by WordDrive, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.